Friday, November 23, 2012

The company Slovenské elektrárne analyzes the project of hyproelectric power station Ipeľ

Week in Slovakia (November 19 - November 25, 2012)

Monday - 19th November 2012

The customers of the supplier Vaša Energia
in the region ZSE Distribúcia could choose a new supplier. The reason is the loss of the supply electricity to distribution contract terminated by ZSE Distribúcia, according to the law and the disappearance of existing contracts between the comapany Vaša Energia and the customers. The affected customers will not automatically go to the supplier Energie2 as Vaša Energia encourages in the press release - they may choose any new supplier. (more information - autoamtic translation via Google Translate)

The company Slovenské elektrárne analyzes the project of construction of the hydroelektric power plant. According to the Ministry of Economy it would get some benefits for the Slovak power engineering. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Tuesday - 20th November 2012

Private investor wants to build new cogeneration units in Snina. The company plans to invest 2.2 mil. euros in the construction of two cogeneration units with an installed capacity of 3 MW. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Fico spoke with the management of the company Slovnaft also about planned investments. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Thursday - 22nd November 2012

Slovakia has not reckoned
for the privatization of the company Slovenské elektrárne with the Italian energy group Enel, yet. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

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