Monday, November 12, 2012

Slovakia and Turkey may deepen collaboration in the energy sector

The Chairman of the Slovak Parliament Pavol Paškaand his counterpart from Turkish Republic Cemil Çiçek met last week to discuss opportunities for deepening economic cooperation, particularly in the energy sector.

“Turkey is not only our ally in the NATO but primarily has a huge economic growth potential. For the Slovak economy, as a part of the European market, Turkey is a huge challenge,” Mr. Paška said.
Mr. Çiçek added that at the time of their meeting in Bratislava, member of the joint Turkish – Slovak economic committee were gathering to discuss about intensifying mutual trade relations.

„Turkey is interested in deepened the cooperation not only in the economic and trade area, but also in the area of political dialogue, as well as in the energy area. Energy is a vital issue for both countries,“ Çiçek said.

Both countries rely on import of primary energy sources and Turkey plays a crucial part in biggest pipeline projects which might increase the energy security of the EU (e.g. South Stream, Nabucco or TAP).

Together with the internationally unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ankara is also planning to explore oil and gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean.

One of the potential areas of energy collaboration is nuclear power. Slovakia has a long experience with nuclear research, production and safety improvements. Around 54 % of Slovak electricity comes from nuclear. 

On the other hand, Turkey has had plans for establishing nuclear energy production since the 1970´s. Since electricity demand is expected to be around 450 billion kWh it has become a key topic for economic growth.

In May 2010 the the governments of Turkey and Russian Federation signed an agreement to cooperate for constructing and operating a nuclear power plant in the area of Akkuyu. Akkuyu NPP should have 4 VVER units, each with installed capacity of 1200 MW. It commission is scheduled for 2019.  

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