Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Renewable energy in Slovakia

The national target of Slovakia on field of exploiting renewable energy sources (RES) is to reach the 14 % share in general energy mix by 2020. It means the 14 % share of RES in so called TPES - total primary energy sources – consumption.

The EU’s legal base and national target

The legal base for nation RES target stems from the Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of use of energy from RES. It was endorsed by EU institutions in April 2009. This directive sets:
  • mandatory national targets for the overall share of RES among TPES as well as the target in transport sector,
  • rules related to statistical transfers between EU member states,
  • bio fuels and Bio liquids standards.
The national targets were set as + 5,5 % increased share of RES among TPES in comparison with the state in 2005. In addition, the secondary criteria became the GDP per capita. Therefore, mandatory national target for Slovakia is following:
  • 14 % share of RES among TPES (total final energy consumption),
  • 10 % share of RES in transport sector.
The most important legislation of Slovakia

The general strategy of support, promotion and exploitation of RES stems from various governmental documents, which represent subordinated legislation to basis created by Energy Act (adopted in 2012), Regulation Act (adopted in 2012) and mainly Act 209/2009 on support of RES: and Act 657/2004 on thermal energy sector:

To introduce the National Action Plan for energy from RES by 2010 was the obligation of each EU member state. Due to the early election and the change of government, Slovakia sent this Plan to European Commission just at the end of summer that year, a few months after the initial deadline. However, concrete national targets for 2020, set in Plan are:
  • 15,3 % share of energy from RES in TPES,
  • 24,0 % share of RES in electricity production,
  • 14,6 % share of RES in heat produced in Slovakia,
  • 10,0 % share of energy from RES in transport.
The estimated progress and higher use of RES is described in this graph:

Source of graph: Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA)

When it comes to heat, the prognosis is following:

Source: Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA)

On field of electricity production, National Action Plan estimates this scenario:

Source: Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA)

Plan versus reality

Source: Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA)

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