Friday, October 12, 2012

Two new cogeneration plants launched

New cogeneration units were launched this week in the capital of Bratislava and Sturovo. Both were built by private investors and will produce electricity and heat from natural gas. 

The plant named Bratislava WEST which started its testing period has installed electric capacity of 8.6 MW and heat capacity of 9.4 MWt. The annual gas consumption is estimated at 18.7 million cubic metres.

 “The new modern technology can produce heat and electricity in a significantly more effective way, which might have a positive impact on the price of heat for the inhabitants,” said Anton Bielik, the director general of the investing company.

The produced heat will be distributed through central heating system in the city districts of Karlova Ves and Dubravka. Electricity will be streamed into the distribution network.

Eco and efficient

The units in Sturovo have installed capacity 800kW of electricity and 1000kW of heat per hour. For the first time in Slovakia the investor combined cogeneration units with heat pumps.

“The produced electricity will be sold into distribution network and help to decrease the operating costs. For the first time ever in Slovakia the residual heat will be used in the low-temperature circuit – cooler of the filling mixture,” explained the investor. Further 52kW of heat may be generated from these residues.

“The increase of production efficiency and fuel consumption is inevitable as the energy prices are rising,” director for marketing Miriam Oravkinova added. 

Last year 70 different cogeneration plants were registered all over Slovakia.

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