Friday, October 19, 2012

The practise Havran took place in the nuclear power plant Bohunice V2

Week in Slovakia (October 15 - October 21, 2012)

Monday - 15th October 2012

The Czech company Energeticky a prumyslovy holding (Energy and Industrial Holding, EPH) will most probably become the new owner of 49 % shares in Slovak Gas Enterprise (SPP). The Ministry of Economy has not recommended Slovak government to use its pre-emptive right in their purchase. (more information)

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic believes that the company Slovenské elektrárne has no right to claim the damage in the amount of 94,5 million euro for price regulation of electricity supply to households and small businesses in 2009 and 2010. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Tuesday - 16th October 2012

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Interior extensive safety drill will be executed in the area of Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant. The exercise has been named Havran (Corvus) and will take place on October 17th and 18th.The goal of the simulated accident is to practice and review response times, the state of preparedness and the reactions of crisis committees at all levels, including selected ministries, other state administration authorities, the regional state administration and self-government authorities. (more information)

Wednesday - 17th October 2012


The emergency oil stocks will help to cover in the next year the company Transpetrol. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

The company Slovenské elektrárne has already announced to the national authorities that the two nuclear units at Bohunice will operate until 2046. (more information - automatic transaltion via Google Translate)

According to Prime Minister Robert Fico the Government sees absolutely no reason for an gas prices increase for households in 2013, in an average of 18.56%, perhaps as much as 25.43%. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

The National Nuclear Fund will lose the levy on the transmission system operators and regional distribution systems. The method of payment will change ond it will come to the state budget chapter of the Ministry of Economy. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Thursday - 18th October 2012

According to the Minister of Economy Tomáš Malatinský the material about the outcome of the economic and legal assessment of changes in ownership structure of Slovak Gas Holding B.V. through which foreign shareholders hold 49% of the comapy Slovenský plynárenský priemysel was supplemented as required the government. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

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