Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Konstantin Jacoby: Comment on the results of nuclear stress tests

The result of the tests give a remarkable good picture regarding the safety standards in Europe. In particular, all over Europe, with internationally staffed expert teams and in good and open cooperation with the management of utilities and NPP the results were achieved in relatively short time and allowing comparison between the plants.

This transparency, openness and readiness for comparison and insight is a major factor of safety, the necessary safety culture. The findings and recommendations for improvements induce respective action plans with time tables, and communicating openly and clearly explaining to the public is a necessary dialog to accompany all these actions and to deepened with these actions. This is exactly the way to go for.

Further, the stress tests showed that the design requirements for reactors of generation III / III+ already fulfill requirements concluded from the Fukushima accident.

I would like to see such comprehensive and cooperative action and self-control also for other areas of dangerous industries. E.g., chemical and oil industries, waste management, etc.

Konstantin E. Jacoby
(author acts as energy technical-institutional consultant)

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