Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Solar collectors „Made in Slovakia“ exported all around the world

Slovak manufacturer of thermal solar collectors THERMO|SOLAR from Ziar nad Hronom is expanding business to Russia. Their products have already proven reliability in top mountains, African desert or strong earthquake conditions.

“Russian market is huge and companies from all over the world are trying to establish themselves there. Therefore it is not easy at all to get through,” said Mr. Jan Tomciak, deputy director of THERMO|SOLAR.
Recently they won contract to deliver solar thermal collectors for a complex of buildings in a satelite town of Moscow called Dudkino. They believe the project has a perspective to bring further commissions.

„In the first phase we supplied complete solar devices for heating water together with 60 solar collectors for first 10 houses. In comparison to Slovak households the number of solar thermal collectors is doubled for one house, because excessive water consumption is taken into account,“ Tomciak explained. 

From EU to Nepal, South Africa or Mexico

Only small portion of their production is sold on the domestic market. Substantial part goes to Germany, European leader in installed solar systems. They also assess their position in Czech, Hungarian and UK market as strong. 

In August the company informed they have gained 25 % share on Latvian market.

“The Baltic Latvia is one of few European countries where installations of solar systems rise sharply. Since 2011 several governmental programs supporting the use of renewables, especially solar, have been implemented,” Tomciak added.

Altogether THERMO|SOLAR currently exports to 46 countries, including Nepal, Morroco, South Africa, Chile, Mexico and others.

Earthquakes, heat and freeze survivors

The company explained that their solar thermal collectors often have to work in extreme conditions. They deal with cold in Patagonia, close to Antarctica, on the highest German mountain Zugspitze or in Nepalese capital Kathmandu. In contrast they are also used in the process of desalination of sea water in Oman and you can find them also in Moroccan Marrakesh or in Algerian desert.

The company is also proud of their earthquake survivors in Chile (2010) and argues that none of their flat collectors was damaged. In various locations near the epicenter around 300 pieces had been installed. 

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