Friday, September 7, 2012

Electricity prices might be reduced next year

Week in Slovakia (September 3 - September 9, 2012)

Tuesday - 4th September 2012

Th electricity prices might fall next year due to lower wholesale electricity prices, which is derived from the average price at the Prague stock exchange PXE. This decrease could reduce the final price of electricity for households about 2 to 4%. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

According to the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic Slovakia is prepared for any interruption of gas supplies from Russia via Ukraine during the winter. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Thursday - 6th September 2012

Slovakia may help Kenya build its first nuclear power plant. Slovak experts in Kenya could also participate in the project of geothermal energy, and the construction of photovoltaic and hydropower plant. (more information)

The Ministry of Economy proposes to think in state strategic documents state about the source for electricity generation in Nováky. The necessity of the power plant justifies the security of supply of electricity, the technical security of the power system, electricity supply options of power plant for large regional industry, as well as the potential as a backup to existing energy sources.(more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

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