Friday, August 31, 2012

Prime minister still did not ask “delicate questions” in Mochovce

Press agency SITA reminded the prime minister Robert Fico of the promise he made soon after return to power about inspection of the construction of two nuclear units in power plant Mochovce in person. 

During plenary meeting of the European Nuclear Energy Forum which took place in Bratislava on May 14-15, 2012, the prime minister repeated that „the government pledges to use all opportunities to make the completion of Units 3 and 4 more dynamic“.

Due to announced one year delay in completion and violation of original deadlines he spoke of his early visit to the power plant. He wanted to ask „delicate questions about this hardly acceptable and inexplicable“ situation.

However, until now the visit still did not occur. 

According to the head of the government office press department Erik Tomas the prime minister did not abandon this plan and will carry out the visit „in short time“. He pointed out to an already executed inspection by the minister of economy who gave the head of goverment detailed information on findings from Mochovce.

The construction officially started in November 2008. According to current estimations Unit 3 should be definitely ready for commercial operation at the end of 2013. Unit 4 should follow 8 month later.
The webpage of Slovenske elektrarne (ENEL) the company invests € 2.775 billion by 2013 in the construction of new Mochovce units. However, their annual report 2011 already says that the overall budget for the construction amounts to €2.861 billion.

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