Thursday, August 23, 2012

Levy for nuclear decommissioning will change according to EC objections

On Wednesday (August 22) the ministry of economy of the Slovak Republic has tabled amendments to the current Nuclear Fund Act No. 238/2006 Coll.. They will change the manner of collection of the levy according to objections raised by the European Commission. 

Since 2010 every final electricity customer in Slovakia is obliged to pay so-called Effective Levy Rate which is included in his/her bill. Originally the rate was set at €3 per MWh (excl. VAT). Since July 1, 2012 it was increased to €3.07 per MWh due to increased factor of nuclear inflation in previous year determined annually by the Statistical Bureau. 

The levy paid to electricity supplier is then transferred via system operator to the account of National Nuclear Fund to be used for decommissioning of nuclear installations and disposal of spent fuel and radioactive waste. 

However, the EC argued these provisions are incompatible with Art. 110 of the Treaty on the functioning of the EU because these resources do not constitute a direct state budget income and are also imposed on electricity imported to Slovakia from abroad. 

According to new rules the levy should go to state budget – budget chapter of ministry of economy and the ministry will transfer the amount collected every month to the account of Nuclear Fund. 

Also after every calendar year the ministry will calculate the balance of import and export of electricity consumed in Slovakia. When import prevails the ministry will adequately cut the amount remitted to the Fund´s account. 

If approved the new rules should enter into force on January 1, 2013.

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