Friday, July 27, 2012

The biggest energy suppliers propose to invest in renewable energy sources

Week in Slovakia (July 23 - July 29, 2012)

Thursday - 26th July 2012

Martin Moježíš talked with his guests over the future of electric vehicles during the summer festival Bažant Pohoda. Invited experts discussed the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars, about charging technology or even whether these new technologies provide a crucial piece of the puzzle and set the grid stability. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Companies ZSE (Západoslovenská energetika), SSE (Stredoslovenská energetika) and VSE (Východoslovenská energetika) should invest in the medium and long term in renewable energies sources million euros. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Friday - 27th July 2012

A special prosecutor filed an indictment in a case Transpetrol. Entrepreneur Ignác I., whose name is associated with an attempt to get 34-percent part in Transpetrol (TP), will go back to court. The prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor's Office has filed the indictment, under which Ignác I. along with his accomplice pretended that they may act for TP and recognized claims against the state oil carrier. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

Regulatory Office for Network Industries disagreed with the procedure of regional distribution system operators - Stredoslovenská energetika – Distribúcia, a. s. (SSE-D) and Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s (VSD) on the transfer of electricity customers, which supplier was  PB Power Trade, a. s., to the electricity supplier of last instance. (more information - automatic translation via Google Translate)

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