Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mountain hut Chata pri Zelenom plese has its own hydroelectric power plant

Mountain huts in the Hight Tatras usually use the diesel generator as a source of energy. The hut Chata pri Zelenom plese provides electric power from the renewed small hydroelectric power plant.

The hut in altitude 1.551 m used only noisy diesel generator last year. The stuff used it mostly during the freezing level of the mountain lake and for the strongest short-term supply of appliances. All electrical appliances like a kettle, microwave, refrigerator, lighting, heating and mobile transmitter are connected to the electric power. According to deputy of cottager Lenka Lipičanová the diesel generator required lots of costs and "because of noise it cannot still be involved all the time," she said.

Currently the hut can use clean electricity from small hydro power plant. Hydrological conditions in alpine environments allow producing 9.5 MWh of electricity during the year.

Hydroelectric power plant with installed capacity 1kW provides recharging of batteries for the most urgent electricity consumption during the day. The first phase of the work was completed in December 2011. The building operations will continue with the installation of a second source with capacity 10 kW. It will allow using shock flows and regulating of electricity to the requirements of the hut. They would like to exchange the older diesel generator for the green type with higher performance and lower emissions.

The mountain hut Chata pri Zelenom plese, also called Brnčalka is the third hut, which uses green energy. Téryho chata and Zbojnícka chata uses electricity from renewable energy, too. They exchange the diesel generator for photovoltaic panels.

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