Saturday, June 30, 2012

Slovak Gas Information Systems belong to the World Class

At the 24th World Gas Conference,  held in Buernos Aires (Argentina), Slovak experts from the sector of natural gas, introduced the results of a research project. It helped to produce a unique way of evaluating risk at gas compressor stations. Until now, no one was able to cover risk on pipe systems in such a complex manner. Along with other modern modules, the Slovak Gas Information System belongs to the world class.


The same data but the different viewpoints


A manager planning a repair of any part of the gas transportation network works with data about the breakdowns and failures (e.g.: corrosion, isolation, etc.). He must equally take into account other risks on the chosen network part as well as possible impact on external systems and environment.  The repairing of gas transportation system requires the cooperation of the team: on expert looks at the technological schemes, the other sets out the exact point of intervention and the third one works with 3D model. Workers on site get technical documents via their mobile devices and get additional safety instructions and equipment with regards to concrete situation.

Both operation and maintenance of modern gas transportation pipe system require different viewpoints and analysis of the same data. All information cannot be processed by one basic information system, it is inevitable to analyze all data, digital documents as well as technological information together, via specific professional modules, which are interoperable. In addition, modern company needs complete picture made of various professional viewpoints, including those coming from experts operating on site, all in real time.

Spatial management and 3D


The common denominator of the majority of modules is GIS system. Unlike basic GIS systems, energy ones include also 3D models. 3D modeling significantly increase information value and realistically displays equipment located underground on site. It visualizes complicated technological units that are under the surface and therefore invisible for the human eye.

3D model, for example, can specify the real length of the transit pipe very precisely. It eliminates the distortion that occurs with regards to the projection of 3D object into 2D reality. And data on the real length of the transit pipeline are not only important for documentation purposes, they help companies with the other activities like calculation of transit costs or elimination of losses that might be linked to that calculations.

Safety with Digital Simulation


The key requirement of TSO company is to know and work with concrete risks - so called modeling of pipeline risks (MPR). MPR concern risks located deep in the ground and exposed to environmental influences, pressure, corrosion, floods, landslides, human interferences, crossing with other utilities, etc. They also concern risks on equipment that is not able to be checked by standard methods, because they are whether parts of complicated connections or are situated on unreachable places. MPR use a huge amount of real and anticipated data and estimate the probability of occurrence of a risk event. It simulates the changes of risk in accordance with concrete steps undertaken by company in order to fix emergency situation. MPR also analyse the cost of such action and compare it to the expected change of risk.

HSE with Controlled Risk    


Unlike common HSE systems (HSE stands for Health, Safety and Environment), the gas information system integrates the HSE agenda with the procurement agenda. It means that the system automatically predicts the future need of personal protection equipment. Therefore it simplifies the difficult logistics and administration linked to HSE agenda. All in all, it helps with human resources optimization.

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