Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Michal Hudec: The role of consumers and social changes

From the viewpoint of common consumers, e.g. the household energy consumers, the unified invoicing standards should be applicable as a rule. The bills for energies should be of identical structure and due payment frequency in every EU country. Therefore, the EU member countries and energy corporations will have to find the way how to make energy consumption metering more efficient.

„Smart metering“ should be the case. New directive does not stipulate, however, precisely sufficiently to determine which consumption spots are appropriate. It means that although it determines the issue related to costs and yields, it does not specify accurately an adequate consumption to be metered by the said smart metering device to be of economic significance. It has been estimated that to furnish the consumption spots with smart metering device will require additional costs amounting to about twenty euro in the moment of installing the electric metering device in comparison with conventional technologies. Further, the fact has to be emphasized that smart metering is introduced nowadays apparently in those locations where the unambiguous economic benefits are proved as evidence. However, the mater concerns with consumption spots in industrial manufacturing works as a rule.

The issue of smart metering devices installation Slovakia-wide raised technical debates. Slovakia will either accept the regulated obligations, or will ask the European Commission to postpone officially the scheduled smart metering components by September 2012. The implementation study planned by the Ministry of Economy to be submitted this 3rd September 2012 should be the supporting document decisive for decision to be made. Besides, the study has been developed on the basis of the two already existing analyses.

The first analysis has been developed by request of energy distribution companies objecting smart metering devices installation Slovakia-wide as the economic disadvantage; the second analysis has been developed as the customised job by request of the Energy Suppliers Association. The document is pointing out a slightly moderate economic advantage under the conservative assumptions. Thus, it may be assumed that official position of the Ministry and the Government will reflect the standpoints of both groups.

The  report was published in magazine Euroreport plus.

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