Thursday, May 31, 2012

About the project

(publishing company: energy online, a.s. - Nitra, Slovakia, EU)


About the project

"Energy in Slovakia" develops an online platform to publish news about energy issues in Slovakia in English. The website is updated ad hoc with short news covering the daily developments and issues of the energy sector in Slovakia.

Energy market plays a priority role in the overall economy of Slovakia. Not only it becomes increasingly important as a source for the development of other industry sectors. As an important sector of the economy, it becomes subject of various EU or national regulations.

About the publisher

Web portal (currently published on provides complete energy overview of the Slovakia and it is leading information-analytical media focused on energy issues. brings you: (a) bringing news, comments and analysis, (b) delivering a unique insight into the changing dynamics of energy policies, (c) analysing the most pressing energy challenges of the CEE region’s energy future, (d) and attracting policy makers, industry leaders, energy producers and consumers.

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